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Election 2015: Fear triumphs over hope

I am shocked and disgusted by the self-serving selfishness of the British public, although I shouldn’t be, considering the cries of “Scrounger!” and the 65% increase in physical attacks on disabled people since the 2010 election. Now I fear even more greatly for our safety. IDS was shocked and upset that he was challenged in the Daily Politics Debate on Welfare on BBC2 the other week about suicides and deaths following his regime and sanctions. He threatened his challenger to “Be Careful” about making those accusations and he was simply NOT going to accept that removing people’s entire income could lead to their deaths. He appeared totally deluded about his role in their demise.
What makes this result so insulting, is that there are celebrations about the Second World War and our victory against Hitler, whilst Cameron and his cronies are concocting a way of installing gas chambers for the vulnerable useless eaters without anyone finding out. I think that if the Tories suggested a holocaust of the sick and poor, the selfish idiots who voted them in would possibly cheer. I mean it would make the extra £10bn of welfare cuts so much easier wouldn’t it? Not only are we going back to the 1930s level of spending, but the 1930s era of scapegoating and vilification, propaganda and scaremongering. If we were all gassed to death I really think very few people would actually care.
Cameron uses his dead son like a sympathy glove to obfuscate what he is really doing to our NHS by playing the sympathy card. His son would be disgusted that his dad would use him in this way, whilst destroying the lives of so many other disabled children, disabled adults and their carers. But he doesn’t care. Everything is fair game when you want the ultimate power. And he has secured it.
What is totally clear to me is that the Tories had a grubby back room deal with the SNP to destroy Labour. I am definitely no fan of Blair and would never have voted Labour during the Blair years. He was as a big a misogynist as Cameron.
The SNP worked with the Tories when they were in minority Government. It is clear that there was some kind of deal whereby the Tories would reward the SNP with fiscal autonomy if they destroyed Labour in Scotland. In return they would hype up the fear down South once the Tories began to propagate the idea that Labour would “Stab the UK in the Back” and leave the UK defenceless and spend and borrow till the country was at death’s door again. Notice that Salmond said he would write Labour’s Queen’s Speech and how he would force Miliband to give into them over Trident and the like. They were stoking the fires down south, whilst alienating the Scots against the English even more (if they even needed convincing. Having been married to a Scot, trust me they did not know what they hated more, me being English or me being BLACK!! i am actually Mixed-Race. Oh the poor mother!)
What we have now in the UK is total division. I cannot even see the point of the fight to keep Scotland in the UK. The divisions between us are now a gulf and the divisions between the sick and healthy and the have and have nots are at an all time high. I think that the country is in an irreversible mess that possibly will result in a civil war before we can restore some kind of stability.
In the 1930s the Germans were so scared and worn out and fiscally broken that they were ready to believe anything that they were told. They were ready to blame the sick, elderly, poor, vulnerable and their champions and in 1938 thousands were gassed to death, before they even started on the Jews. Once the vulnerable were gone, they started on the Jews and their sympathisers. It seems that the British people are now falling into the same trap. They are turning a blind eye to the atrocities happening to people in their country by dehumanising them. They are no longer human beings but “Scroungers” and “fakers”. These evil people who are demanding the hard earned taxes from decent people to live a life of free housing, cigarettes and 26 children. What a luxury, when real people, actual human beings are suffering because they have ton pay their way through society. Who cares that they could develop a life-changing illness or have a disabled child. Or lose their job-for-life and be unemployed and possibly unemployable. When there is no welfare state for them to turn to, what next? Well of course they will once again blame all those feckless people who dared to need help before and ruined it for them when they needed it. They won’t see their role in electing the machine that destroyed their safety net or that healed their wounds.
These short-termist, selfish people should be ashamed to call themselves British. All the things their ancestors died for and suffered for during the War has been for nought, as they choose their own comforts and lives over the lives of their compatriots. Or perhaps I should be ashamed to call myself British, after all I am sure I would be first in the line for gassing: daughter of an immigrant, disabled, black, female, and heaven-forbid with an iron will and a social conscience.
Five more years of despair, because as David said in his article Fear has conquered Hope and now I must live in that Fear.

David Hencke

David Gauke, prediicted the Tories would have a small working majority last Saturday David Gauke, prediicted the Tories would have a small working majority last Saturday

Last Saturday in Berkhamsted market  treasury minister David Gauke, my local Tory MP now safely re-elected, told me five days before polling day, that the Conservatives would be returned with a small working majority.

At that time people said to me” he would say that, wouldn’t he? ” but Gauke had picked up, presumably from constituency returns, that the Liberal Democrats were doing badly. As the main challengers to the Tories in Herts South West he might take an interest even though his seat is one of the safest in the country. And he would know that many Liberal Democrat seats were vulnerable to the Tories and that Labour had more or less had it in Scotland.

As it turns out whether he had a crystal ball or not he was right – even though the opinion polls…

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Do Not Feed the Trolls

The death of Brenda Leyland on Saturday 4th October was a tragedy. The birth of social media has created a platform for opinions and anonymous postings. Even writing this blog makes me vulnerable to opinions that probably will conflict with mine.

Anybody who puts themselves into the public frame can expect to court controversy. We live in a free and democratic society, and the internet has no worldwide policing or agreed terms of acceptability.

The issue with the McCann story is that there are a lot of conflicting feelings about what happened. The only people who know the truth are the parents and we can choose to believe or disbelieve them, as is our right to choose. People have died for the right to choose, and to put restrictions on that choice because we are told to, negates that very freedom.

The one thing that is agreed is that the parents chose to leave three toddlers unattended for an extended period of time. We live in country that penalises parents for much less, and our child protection legislation is so prohibitive that we can be accused of child neglect or abuse over the smallest thing. For people who may have had contact with Social Services for any reason, the idea that the McCanns were told that they did “nothing wrong” is the total antithesis to the messages they are given by the same social services system targeting them or their families and friends. It makes people feel an anger towards the McCanns that may seem unfair, but is real, nonetheless. Some people feel they were told this because of their social status as doctors, unlike the majority of people targeted by Social Services, who are from poorer backgrounds.

People may be unhappy because the McCanns are often in the media. Being in the media can make you a public target because you are putting yourself into the public view. Many people who are in the public view are ripe for trolling.

But we do have to remember that this family is grieving for their missing child and that loss is very real and very painful for the family.

There is a well-known phrase amongst experienced internet “geeks” called “Do not feed the trolls.” This means that responding to their inflammatory remarks only makes them troll more. Ignoring them and blocking them is the best option. Most forums have a button to report posts, and if they are too nasty this is the most appropriate thing to do.

There is a difference between trolling, posting an unpopular opinion and making threats. I believe that outlawing offending people is a breach of free speech. Comedians do this all the time and people who make parodies are the same. Don’t put yourself into the public eye or air your opinions if you will become offended by the response. People will disagree with you, possibly, far more often than they will agree. That is human nature.

Making threats or accusing people of criminal acts without evidence is a different matter. Bullying is also unacceptable. If a target asks someone to stop harassing them and it continues then that harasser should face the weight of the law against them. If threats are made or accusations levelled then this should be investigated as well. Merely having a controversial opinion is certainly not grounds for criminal procedures.

Sky News should not have doorstepped Brenda. Clearly she was not in a good place mentally, and Martin Brunt should not have threatened her with the police. I believe he did not act in good faith towards her and should have allowed the police to arrest her or question her first before brandishing her a Troll. She was still innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Brenda was accused and found guilty by Sky News without a fair trial and I think lessons need to be learned from this. The woman was frightened so much and possibly targeted with the same hatred she was accused of levelling at the McCanns. In the end it appears that she took her own life. What despair she must have felt to do such a drastic thing!

And now her son, 5000 miles from his mum, has to grieve her loss with as many unanswered questions about her death as the McCanns have about losing Madeline.

I have read some comments about Brenda on Twitter, and I feel that those who are now trolling her in her death should face the same punishments that they cried out for her to receive. Are these people not aware of a term called hypocrisy?

Gerry McCann called for an example to be made of internet trolls, even though he had not read any of the postings himself. I really hope that he feels some of the pity for poor Brenda that he wants sent his way.

I am not making any accusations in this blog post. I am not stating my own views on the McCanns or their plight. I merely put into words some of the feelings people have that conflict with the accepted opinion and why they may be held, rightly or wrongly.

The internet is a difficult place to police. What if a troll is from the USA, where freedom of speech is a constitutional right?

In the end, if you don’t want to face criticism or be offended then don’t put yourself and your opinions out into cyberspace.

Kizzy Thinks… – UK Welfare Reform in the 21st Century

This is a link to my published thesis on my former blog.

I looked carefully at how the proposed Welfare Reform changes from 2011-2012 would impact on the most poor and vulnerable in society. I look at issues such as Universal Credit and the change to ESA and other changes that are now in effect.

This thesis received a First. I am happy for you to use this information for academic purposes, but please ensure you reference it appropriately as documented on the website.

Kizzy Thinks… – UK Welfare Reform in the 21st Century.

Kizzy Thinks… – Welcome to Kizzy Speaks

Kizzy Thinks… – Welcome to Kizzy Speaks. This links to my  previous blog. Please read because I will follow the same rules.